Why Is My Thermostat Not Responding?

I’m not going to lie, there are situations where I am a little lazier than I would like to be; changing the  temperature on my thermostat is one of those situations… For this reason, I have a Wi-Fi thermostat  that I can control from my phone. I love it because I can change the temperature up a few degrees  before I get out of bed or get in the shower (I know it’s lazy, but I like to be comfortable). The one thing  that drives me crazy is when the thermostat is not responding. In my case, it is usually something goofy  with the wi-fi connection, but there are many reasons your thermostat may not be working correctly.  

Common Thermostat Issues 

Dead batteries

One of the most common issues and a relatively easy fix is when the thermostat batteries are dead. If  your thermostat has bad batteries, it will not be able to function correctly, and they will need to be  replaced. Usually, the thermostat will flash a battery symbol, have a poor screen display, or not be on at all. Some thermostats don’t use batteries; if the thermostat is blank and does not use batteries, there may be an issue with the indoor HVAC equipment. You can also make sure the switch  on the side of the furnace is on and no breakers in the electrical panel are tripped or in the off position.  

Improper programming

Another common issue would be improper programming on programmable thermostats. Programs can  easily make you think your heating and cooling equipment is faulty if you don’t know what program it is  running. If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure you know what program it is supposed to  run when it is supposed to run, and at what temperature ranges. 

If you don’t know this information, you  may be unaware that the program is running, making you think the unit is working improperly. If you  know the model of the thermostat, you should be able to look up programming instructions online or  contact your local, O Fallon, MO, HVAC contractor, Stay Cool Climate Control.  

After you have checked the power supply, programming, settings, and breakers, there is not much more homeowners can do to figure out why the furnace or air conditioner is not responding. At this point, I recommend contacting a local heating and cooling company, like Stay Cool Climate Control, to see what the issue with your equipment is. When picking the proper contractor to work on your home, ensure you properly vet the company and check to ensure they have a lot of recent, positive reviews, insurance, and all the proper licensing.

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