Must do AC Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer is nearly in full swing. For those of us who live in O’Fallon and the surrounding areas, the rising temperatures and heat index are going to force us to use our cooling systems to the max. Below are a few must do AC maintenance tips for Summer to keep from overworking them.

1. Change your Air Filter more frequently

In most cases, your unit requires you change your air filter every six months. However, when the unit is being worked excessively, we recommend changing it every three to four months. A new air filter keeps contaminants from entering the system and causing premature damage. The more your cooling unit works, the more contaminants it will encounter. This is especially true if your property has lots of occupants, pets, smokers, and other items that can increase the level of airborne contaminants. You can also find a number of ac maintenance items here from your local hardware store.

2. Check for leaks and other signs of damage

A leak can be one of the worst issues to occur in your HVAC system. It is often a sign of a serious problem, in addition to being a danger to your property. Check for leaks when you are in the vicinity of your HVAC system. For example, if the unit is in the attic, check the ceiling of the room underneath it. Be sure to check for leaks around the unit itself whenever you are near it. Call a trusted professional in your area if you suspect or find an HVAC leak.

3. Get AC Maintenance performed

There is only so much you can do yourself. Even the most DIY minded individual does not have the know how nor the access to professional equipment as a trained technician, not to mention the insurance. We recommend having professional HVAC maintenance done once a year before periods of intense use begin. However, it is better to have it done late than never at all. Maintenance helps your unit run longer, for less energy, and helps extend its lifespan.

4. Have a reliable HVAC company on hand

Finally, all HVAC units will need service sooner or later. It is essential to have a trusted HVAC professional in your area on hand. This is superior to having to look through the phone pages or perform multiple web searches when there is no cooling in your home or business. Be sure to read online reviews and get someone with experience in your area, as well as long standing reputation. Those of you living in O’Fallon and the surrounding areas should have a look at something like the Comfort Club, which offers many benefits to our loyal clientele.

O’Fallon MO AC Maintenance & HVAC Service

Stay Cool is a locally owned company based in O’Fallon that aims to improve the comfort and quality of people’s property. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help your HVAC unit run its best by performing expert AC maintenance and other related tasks.

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