3 Common Air Conditioning Issues

In O’Fallon, Missouri, we get the best of different climates; you may wake up one morning wearing a jacket when it’s 30 degrees, and around noon be in a short sleeve t-shirt enjoying the 70-degree air in the sun! If you have lived in the area, you know what I mean.  

That said, a properly running HVAC system in O’Fallon is crucial for both the summer and winter months. Air conditioning systems are essential for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures during hot summer months. However, like any other piece of mechanical equipment, ACs can develop issues that may affect their performance. In this post, I am going to go over a few of the most common  air conditioning issues.  

Understanding the Common Issues of Air Conditioning in O’Fallon

Air Conditioning

Some of the most common issues with modern HVAC equipment are poor air flow, clogged drains, and dirty condensers. 

Poor airflow 

> Poor airflow is a common problem with air conditioners in O’Fallon and may result from clogged air filters, damaged ductwork, or a malfunctioning blower motor. In order to correct these issues, homeowners should clean or replace the air filters regularly, seal any leaks in the ductwork, and repair or replace the blower motor if necessary. 

It is crucial to keep your filter changes up to date as well as have your furnace and AC regularly maintained so you can know if your airflow is up to par and  everything is operating as it should be. All the small particles and contaminants that make it past the filter have to go somewhere. When they make it past the filter, they end up in the blower wheel,  evaporator coil, or indoor air stream, none of which are good. 

When the blower wheel gets excessive dirt and dust buildup, it will cause your O’Fallon air conditioning motor to overheat and underperform. As the particulates make it  through the blower wheel and past the heat exchanger, they will eventually get caught inside the  evaporator coil or make it through the evaporator coil and into the conditioned air space of the home. 

Clogged drains

The buildup inside the coil will create reduced air flow as well as start to clog the drain when the buildup is washed away by the water produced from a running air conditioner. Basic filter systems may  require the drain to be cleared out more regularly than top-of-the-line media-filter options like the  Aprilaire 1210. Just as the indoor filter has air passing through it, and so does the outdoor condenser  coil, but outside, there are no filters to change, so the unit must be cleaned every so often.

Dirty condensers

 Over time,  dirt, debris, and other particles can accumulate on your O’Fallon air conditioner condenser coils, leading to decreased cooling performance. This buildup on the condenser coil can lead to decreased performance and comfort, higher energy bills, and reduced equipment lifespan.  Homeowners can clean the condenser coils by turning off the power to the unit and cleaning the  condenser coil with a garden hose; you never want to use a power washer due to the force of the water  stream. Power washers will damage air conditioner coils. 

If you don’t feel comfortable taking care of  these problems, a professional O’Fallon HVAC technician at Stay Cool Climate Control would be happy to help.  

If you experience any of the above issues with your air conditioner, it is best to call a licensed O’Fallon HVAC technician to inspect and repair the problem. Homeowners can also prevent some of these issues by scheduling regular maintenance for their air conditioning systems, including cleaning or replacing air filters, checking refrigerant levels, and cleaning condenser coils. 

By taking these steps,  homeowners can ensure that their air conditioning systems operate efficiently and effectively, providing comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the summer months.

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